Traditional villa in the Cyclades


Situated in the idyllic setting of the Cyclades, Greece, Project TZ1 showcases the versatility and robustness of Kaptain's premium uPVC systems. Fusing harmoniously with the stone architecture, our Premium KN76 tilt and turn windows, K54 Cavity sliders, Gossip K76 doors, and K72 hinged louvers were installed, all in a wood color that seamlessly complements the natural stone hues of the building.

Working in a stone structure is never straightforward; the uneven surface demanded meticulous measurements and detailing. Further complicating the installation was the property's seaside location, notorious for corroding window and door systems. Kaptain's uPVC products rose to the challenge, offering superior resistance to the harsh elements. The energy-efficient double glazing not only contributed to the building's thermal performance but also echoed the environmental sensibilities of the stone and wood elements.

The project was brought to life through an architectural design, creating a synergy between traditional elements and modern functionalities. Τhe completed installation speaks volumes about our commitment to quality, durability, and aesthetic excellence.

Key Features

Icon Precision Installation

Precision Installation

Adapted to the complex challenges posed by stone architecture and precise measurements.

Icon Harsh Condition Resistance

Harsh Condition Resistance

Proven performance in a seaside environment with strong resistance to corrosion.

Icon Aesthetic Harmony

Aesthetic Harmony

The wood-colored uPVC components naturally blend with the stone architecture, contributing to both energy efficiency and visual appeal.

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