Private Villa in Salamis


Located in the quiet neighborhood of Salamis, the "Private Villa in Salamis" project was more than just installing windows and doors; It was an exercise in creating an ecosystem for intelligent, safe and sustainable living. Kaptain's Premium KN76 tilt and turn series, Executive K76 main entrance door, panoramic sliding doors Premium HST K76, and rolling shutter types K1 and K3 all in walnut wood texture were planned for energy efficiency orchestrated to meet high-standards, functionality, and aesthetic design.

In a standout feat of technological integration, we added units with smart motors to each rolling shutter. These upgraded units offer remote control operation, group control options and security binders bolted to the axles inside the rolling shutter box for improved safety. Additionally, the system comes with a smartphone compatibility, allowing homeowner to view and control their shutter position from anywhere. Moreover the obstacle detection system adds an extra layer of system’s protection, ensuring that the shutters stop working in the event of an obstruction (chair, table etc.)  ensuring the shutters halt operation if an object interferes with their path

Overall, the project is a harmonious blend of advanced technology and classical aesthetics. Not surprisingly, the client chose these products, known for their excellent strength, to achieve their vision.

Key Features

Icon Smart automation

Smart automation

Advanced motorized units provide remote control and real-time monitoring via smartphone.

Icon Improved safety

Improved safety

Safety features such as obstacle detection and additional safety binders ensure safe operation.

Icon Overall construction

Overall construction

Working closely with the client achieved a balance between energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal, thanks to our wood-like textures and shades.

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