Solar Blinds

Solar Blinds

A new revolutionary product is at your disposal! We present you the solar blinds! Εnergy production from windows enters our daily life and comes true..

Solar blinds consist of solar panels connected by rigid guides, which provides reliable fastering even in strong winds.

Solar panels built into the Venetian blinds convert solar energy into electricity. Blinds provide effective protection from the sun and heat and keep your apartment or office private.

The system is connected to the electrical grid through the inverter than transforms solar power into electricity. This, in turn, means the amount of energy used from your electrical providers will be reduced by the amount of electricity generated by the blinds.

  • Option in 5 colors
  • Solar blinds generate energy from the sun
  • Inverter converts energy and sends it to the grid
  • You can power different home appliances
  • Active shading decreases AC consumption by 30%
  • Dust-protected cover
  • Monocrystalline cells Laminated on fiberglass base
  • C-shaped aluminum slats
  • Energy generation per / m2: 100 W
  • Installed in vertical position and externally (outdoors)

Click here to download the technical specifications


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