Rolling Shutters

Rolling Shutters

Kaptain RolaPlus system is an external rolling shutter that is installed on top of the door or window frame and provides active protection against intense weather conditions or acts as a mean of burglary obstruction and at the same time it passively protects from prying eyes, rendering outside observers unable to plan an entry.

It is also provided as a compact single unit product with the door or window of your choice and an optional insect screen to ensure product quality reducing working tasks on site.

Produced in different sizes according to the architectural construction specifications Kaptain RolaPlus features extra polystyrene insulation that increases its energy efficiency lowering the U factor to only 0.75 W/m²K, comes standard with a manual drive belt or an extra hand crank for power free usage and electric motors that include a wide variety of remote control applications, zone control automatization, black out switch, obstacle recognition and many other advantages according to your needs.

Kaptain VR-Alu external rolling shutter is a safety shutter that is installed on the external side of the frame to protect both passively and actively, residential or business buildings against harsh weather, burglaries or long durations of lockdown, mostly common in holiday houses.

It is installed separately from the door or window frame, made entirely out of aluminum parts and comes in different sizes according to the architectural construction specifications.

Kaptain VR-Alu external rolling shutters can also be installed after the door or window installation or in already existing windows as long as the building specifications allow it.

Standard with a manual drive belt or an extra hand crank according to construction specifications for power free usage and also with electric motors that include a wide variety of remote control applications, zone control automatization, black out switch, obstacle recognition and many other advantages according to your needs.

Rolling shutters automation from KAPTAIN SA

Automation applications in both business and private areas are a feature of buildings that aim to save energy, protect and operate, giving full control with simple and reliable solutions.
Kaptain specializes in the implementation of automations in roll-protection systems by providing features such as:
A. Standard wireless system

Each roll has its own switch, it operates independently with 4 options (up, down, stop and favorite roll position) and provides the following advantages.

- Obstacle perception (to protect the system)
- Set a favorite roll position
- Wireless motors with built-in wireless receivers (fewer electronic components, greater reliability)
- Fully self-adjusting system in the event of a power failure (2-3 months). The system defines the boundaries of the roll itself without your own intervention. Ideal for business and room rental.
- 16 million rolling codes, ensure system control at 100% each time you give a command.
Anti-theft motor connectors (mounted on the roller shaft and prevent lifting of the roller at the top.
- Wireless wall switches. No electrical installations such as cables, pipes, boxes, workpieces, jobs, etc. are needed. At the same time, by reducing electrical wiring, potential problems in the future are minimized and any interventions in the system are simple and fast.
- Full blackout and weather protection. With the automation systems applied by Kaptain, the cathode operation closes all the rolls of the roll and protects 100% of stains in case of rain and the bright sunlight.
- Range 20 meters through 2 solid walls or 200m in an open field.
- Controller battery life 2-3 years.
* The only requirement for the basic system to operate is to provide electricity to each roll or at least the supply from a nearby point on the wall. (power box).


Additional automations

Having anticipated your requirements, Kaptain also provides additional control and functionality in the site without initial commitment from you. The Basic System has special parameters that allow the expansion or addition of additional control devices without additional costs (beyond the controls) or additional electrical installations or restraints.

The benefits of the additional Kaptain automation mentioned below have features of sophisticated control applications, significantly minimizing the cost of materials and zeroing the cost of electrical installations, reducing total construction costs in newly built buildings or renovations.

This gives you the extra features:


Application management system


Discover the new window management system for your frames through the IOS and Android application offered by Kaptain.

 With yet another innovation in roll automation, you now have the ability to turn your smartphone into a complete management system for your rolls from wherever you are, with features such as:


  • Continuous updating and remote control of the roll position
  • Report an error if an obstacle is perceived
  • Create a simulation scenario
  • Scheduled opening / closing according to the desired schedules that meet your needs The system is ideally suited to:

  1. A holiday home, where you visit sparse and want to have complete control even when you are not there
  2. Rented rooms as it reduces wear and immediately informs the manager of any problems
  3. Personal ownership where time is precious and demands many. Turn on the rolls with one click and watch the system from your work without delays.

With 3 easy steps, you gain complete control of your rolls and the ability to add future management systems whenever you want it


  1. You connect the special device that we provide you with the frames to the router of the provider
  2. You download the application to your smartphone
  3. You take full control of wherever you are.

B. Comfort - Secure Wireless System

- Create zone. With this function you can have 1 switch on each floor to control all the 4-story floor planes. (up, down, stop, favorite)
- Lockdown switch. It is programmed to control all wireless home motor and locks the whole house at the touch of a button.
- Remote control of the whole house with detachable controller, possibility to create control groups (such as east, west, north, etc.), mass control for all the rolls as well as individually by choice.
- Remote controllers with scheduling, weekday, etc. with automatic update for changing time and with the possibility of scheduling cluster groups for complete automation of the home during the day or night.
- Connecting with an alarm. Kaptain's automation systems enable you to fully control the system and your alarm unit.


- Functions of simulating the rolls when you are away from home. With this feature, the system "runs" virtual scenarios to simulate your presence at home to prevent your home from being targeted by theft while you are absent.
- Control sensors. With Kaptain's highly sophisticated control systems, you can now automate every point of the home with wireless sensors that sense weather, rain, wind or brightness, and protect you even in the most extreme or sudden weather changes.

Also available are controls or switches in a wide variety of colors or shades of wood, touch switches, waterproof remote controls, crank combination for power failure and many more applications.

Standard technical specifications

  • Thermal insulation Ur=0,79 W/m²K
  • Extra thermal insulating material inside
  • Compact design
  • Wide range of colours

Τwo box sizes:

  • Box size h 205mm x w 218mm
  • Box size h 240mm x w 250mm





It is produced exactly in the dimensions of the opening

It stands out compared to common frames


Extra options

Available slats:

  • Extruded Aluminum
  • Extruded Aluminum with Ventilation Gap
  • Aluminum Polyurethan

Available mechanism:

  • Motor
  • Crank
  • Belt




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