Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows

More space for sun and light. The sheets are opened one above the other as a result occupying a relatively small area on either side of the wall

Generally, the sliding doors are the best solution for homes and buildings that space is limited. Combined with double glazed, screen, external shutters, rolling shutters and is generally compatible with most typologies of frames..

  • Uf = 2,30 W/m²K
  • Construction Depth of Frame: 80 mm - High of Frame: 61 mm
  • Construction Depth of Sash: 84 mm - High of Sash: 54mm
  • Glazing: 12-33 mm
  • Steel 2 mm
  • Mechanism: GU INLINE
  • 100% Recyclable and environmentally friendly

Certifications Premiline






Heat Insulation













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