Side Doors

Side Doors

Gossip K76 doors come with a new surprisingly unique design and excel in construction stability and security.

With attention to detail and made under the highest manufacturing standards, these exterior entrance doors have been selected amongst the top choices in European market.

Focused on great weather resistance, active and passive security features and diversity to the architectural aesthetic, Gossip K76 doors are ideal to bring out the style of an elegant development.

Material: high-impact uPVC with enhanced steel geometry


- High energy savings thanks to material multi chambers

- High security level

- Modern design

- Barrier-free building with a track variant.

- Exceptional sound insulation

- Ease of use and high functionality

- Wide variety of typologies and solutions with over 100+ designs

- Exceptional quality with certified performances

- Complete profile series (main and secondary profiles) are stabilized with environmentally friendly calcium / zinc instead of lead

Door Panels


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