External shutters

External shutters

Bring out the most traditional look for your residence with our louver styles. Classic ventilation slats combined with old, angled hinges can give the country style or the Mediterranean island look that never gets old.

Kaptain’s louvers will give you the best traditional result with the extra maintenance free benefit that makes them stand out.

Shutters hinged elements come with a unique style that originates from warm materials and textures to bring out the traditional element of the old age. Made with high tech materials, synthetics including metal structure you can finally bring out a style that represents what once was and keep its weather resistance higher than ever.

Material: high-impact uPVC with enhanced metal alu geometry


- High performance profiles at 72mm construction depth

- Frame extensions available to provide wall cladding

- All black traditional hardware with corrosion resistance

- All navy grade stainless steel hardware available

- Colored hardware options and traditional accessories

- Handmade product with variable alterations available

- Ideal for seaside or alpine locations

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