Space glass

Space glass

Introducing a new type of IGU for all Kaptain glazed doors and windows, Space glass!!

A unique new high-performance glazing for our windows and doors.

This innovative technology is creating an actual void of space between our double-glazing units.

If we look into the physics of heat transfer in a molecular level, we understand that it is a result of kinetic energy transferred through molecules within a given volume of space.

This means that less molecules equals to less energy being transferred from one side to the other. In our case from interior to exterior and vise versa.

In order to improve our windows insulation, we use Argon gas by default instead of dry air because it has less density, so less molecules, that lead into better insulation.

But we wouldn’t stop there.

Space glass is a new high-tech double-glazing unit that takes the window performance into a whole new level!

Made in a way to create molecular void between the insulating glass unit so heat transfer is virtually impossible.

Customizable to the desired size, we can construct and fit any of your architectural drawings with unique performances.

Also due to the lack of pressure inside the glazing unit, these types can be installed in any altitude and still remain unaffected by atmospheric pressure.

Space glass has been tested in Germany and will reach Ug values of 0.40 to 0.45 W/m²K and since there are no molecules inside the glass to transfer energy, air condensation will not occur even in temperatures of -40 C outside to +25 C inside.


Space glass is available in our product range Premium KN76 and Advanced KN76

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